Nov 21

Someday came Today

So my brother (R) has been asking & asking if we could go to the Higgins Armory Museum forever.  My response was always someday.  Well someday came today.  The armory is closing December 31st this year & we had to go now or never.  To me it was Meh Armor.  My brother on the other hand was loving it.  History does nothing for me.

I was amazed at the craftsmanship & pride that they took into making these pieces of armor.  I mean number 1, it had to protect, but they took the added time to etch intricate details into them, knowing full well that they are going to get hit & possibly destroyed.  I was thinking this when looking at them.  What if that was a quilt that I have put so much time & effort into making?  Would I mind someone wearing it & getting it dirty or torn?  Hell Yea.  I don’t know how they did it back then.

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Nov 20

Blog Hop & Giveaways!

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways This is actually coming at a great time.  I am just getting back into blogging.  There was a time when I would have my blog up, ready to post in a moment.  Now I barely do it.  I’ve written about it in the past, about it not “feeling” the same.  Anyways.  I failed miserably at NaNoWriMo,  Perhaps I can keep up with this.

So I am taking vacation days this week to catch up on some stuff.  One of those projects is finishing my quilt blocks.  I will post them when they are completed.  I hope to get a lot done the next couple of days, be sure to check back.

So as part of this Blog Hop, I hope to reach out & make new friends & readers.  I have been quilting for a while now, but I still consider myself a confident beginner.  To encourage our connecting, I have a giveaway going on.  Post a comment, like me on Facebook or Follow me on Twitter & you get entries into my giveaway.  I am giving away fat quarters & envelope of scraps & a mystery package.  I will announce a winner each day for a week.

EDIT:  This is my first time doing Rafflecopter.  I’m sorry but it says it is closed but it is scheduled to be closed on the 26th.  I don’t know how to fix that.  Please just leave me a comment to be entered.  You can friend me on Facebook too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Nov 20

8 Months of Block of the Month

I’m doing a Block of the Month via my local quilt store.  I can’t believe I’ve remained in this & not found excuses.  I only had to pay for a month once.  I remember I was dead broke & had to pay all in quarters :)  Anyways, this is 8 months worth.  I would have choosen better colors but I like it & I am learning soooo much.

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Oct 30

Blogging Class, REALLY?

So I am taking a blogging class.  WHY?  I thought I was going to learn about the back-end stuff.  Learn something I don’t know.  I am afraid I might be stuck in a Blogging for Dummies class :(   We’ll see, it’s just starting.

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Oct 16

6 months today

6 months ago today I met (K) at Dunkin Donuts & we didn’t leave until 11 1/2 hours later!  Today he met me at work & we had lunch.  I miss him, in more ways than I can explain here at this time.

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Oct 7

Sooooo much has happened

There was a time when nothing happened that I didn’t blog about it.  I would be out with friends & family & they would say “Now don’t blog this!”  I documented every part of my life & now… I can’t believe the things I have done, the accomplishments & the struggles that I have went through & it hasn’t been documented.  :(

So what has happened?  Well…

  • I am now into ONEderland.  I am currently 198.0, under 200 pounds for the first time since I believe 4th grade!
  • I ran (fast walked – 14 minute mile!) my first 5K.  It was a Fun Color Run.  Every mile, they sprayed you with glow-in-the-dark colored paint.  It was AWESOME!
  • I actually made, start to finish, a quilt.  I made (K) a quilt.  The binding sucked, but I finished it, all by myself with no help.  I really do need to take a binding class.
  • (K) graduated, got a job, moved away, lost his job & moved back.  It’s almost 6 months since I met him.

There is a ton of stuff, the little things, that I do everyday that I haven’t posted.  Blogging used to be a big part of my life.  I don’t know why.  Has Facebook taken over?  Not sure.

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Aug 15

6 months after surgery & I am STILL wearing old clothes :(

So it just dawned on me that today I am wearing the same outfit that I went into surgery with over 6 months ago & 70 pounds later.  It is kinda swimming on me.  The shirt at least, the pants are elastic.  Although they are big, the elastic is keeping them on.  I really need to get new clothes!  I can’t keep hiding under these gigantic clothes :(

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Aug 12


The next day off I plan, I am going to PLAN it.  I am not going to tell anyone that I have the day off.  I am going to have a schedule & projects to do.  From 8-9 do this.  From 9-10 do this.  Everything will be prepared & I will accomplish something.  That is the plan at least.

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Aug 12

Day off – I would rather be working :(

So today was a day off.  I took today off because I needed to take time off & I was supposed to stay out all night watching meteors.  Well the sky was too bright & I didn’t see anything.  I was home & in bed before 1am.  I woke up late (about 8am) & then really did nothing because I had to drive Dad to a doctors appointment at 2pm.  Doctor was running late & didn’t see him until 3pm!  When that was finally over, I dropped him off at home & I went to studio.  I was at studio for about 1 hour before heading home.  I didn’t accomplish much today.  :(

Why did I leave after an hour?  Well I wasn’t feeling motivated.  I think I am coming down with something.  I have like 4 different projects in the works, but I just couldn’t start any of them.  Then my phone kept going off with text messages.  Enough.  Fine.  I’ll be home.  Today was just a wash.  I did take a nap (now I am wide awake!)

I do love my job.  Weird how I would rather be working than be off.  I really need a vacation.  One where I am off completely.

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Aug 6

I need to change that banner!

Ugh, look at that banner.  It’s so amateur!  Love the detail of the photoshoping I did around my head, good job!  Then there is the list of stuff.  Is this really me?  I mean I’m not single anymore.  Blogger?  Hardly.  Not anymore.  Although two posts tonight, I might be back & the mood I’ve been in, I might just get my bitchfest going again.  Then there is the Web Guru.  Perhaps 10 years ago.  Part of the reason I don’t blog anymore is because this blog kinda feels like a stranger to me.  I’ve blogged about this before.  Say what you will, I loved my dark blue & yellow writing.  This doesn’t feel like home.  Maybe with a better banner?

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