Aug 12

Day off – I would rather be working :(

So today was a day off.  I took today off because I needed to take time off & I was supposed to stay out all night watching meteors.  Well the sky was too bright & I didn’t see anything.  I was home & in bed before 1am.  I woke up late (about 8am) & then really did nothing because I had to drive Dad to a doctors appointment at 2pm.  Doctor was running late & didn’t see him until 3pm!  When that was finally over, I dropped him off at home & I went to studio.  I was at studio for about 1 hour before heading home.  I didn’t accomplish much today.  :(

Why did I leave after an hour?  Well I wasn’t feeling motivated.  I think I am coming down with something.  I have like 4 different projects in the works, but I just couldn’t start any of them.  Then my phone kept going off with text messages.  Enough.  Fine.  I’ll be home.  Today was just a wash.  I did take a nap (now I am wide awake!)

I do love my job.  Weird how I would rather be working than be off.  I really need a vacation.  One where I am off completely.

Aug 12

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