Oct 7

Sooooo much has happened

There was a time when nothing happened that I didn’t blog about it.  I would be out with friends & family & they would say “Now don’t blog this!”  I documented every part of my life & now… I can’t believe the things I have done, the accomplishments & the struggles that I have went through & it hasn’t been documented.  :(

So what has happened?  Well…

  • I am now into ONEderland.  I am currently 198.0, under 200 pounds for the first time since I believe 4th grade!
  • I ran (fast walked – 14 minute mile!) my first 5K.  It was a Fun Color Run.  Every mile, they sprayed you with glow-in-the-dark colored paint.  It was AWESOME!
  • I actually made, start to finish, a quilt.  I made (K) a quilt.  The binding sucked, but I finished it, all by myself with no help.  I really do need to take a binding class.
  • (K) graduated, got a job, moved away, lost his job & moved back.  It’s almost 6 months since I met him.

There is a ton of stuff, the little things, that I do everyday that I haven’t posted.  Blogging used to be a big part of my life.  I don’t know why.  Has Facebook taken over?  Not sure.

Oct 7

One Response to Sooooo much has happened

  1. Angie says:

    Hang in there, and just go, girl :D

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